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Federico has been invited to an art residency in Era Fertile Festival, in Brescia at Alberodonte, 29-30.5 and 1-2.6.



New spring live dates confirmed: Milano, Sicily and more. Check them out.



Unconditional (song video) will be screened in the Algorithmic Random Selected AV Exhibition, at the Internationales Digitalkunst Festival IDKF taking place in Stuttgart (GER). 



I've been featured in end-of-season show on Silent Radio (ITA). Listen podcast


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(tba) Mumu, PISA / 7.9.24 Soffio, FREGENE (ROMA) / 8.11.24 Iperspazio, MILANO 

"My form series, n.4", self-portrait, 2022







Federico Madeddu Giuntoli Rockerilla
Federico Madeddu Giuntoli The Text And The Form
Federico Madeddu Giuntoli Unconditional

Third single “Unconditional” comes with a short movie including two other tiny tracks of the album, “H theatre” and “Unconditional (reprise)”. Watch here


I edited old analogic films from my family archive to create this delicate movie, in which the engaging experimental sound of tracks (made of reverbered synths, remote acustic fragments, sparse spoken words, jazzy drums and processed guitars) interwines with the plain ordinariness of visuals (yet filled with nostalgic remembrance), creating a sensitive and dream-like flow.


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Legendary italian music magazine Rockerilla dedicates four pages to an extended conversation between journalist Mirco Salvadori and me. 


The interview, not merely focused on The Text And The Form album, explores my artistic and personal path.


The album does not offer elements of vagueness or escapism, it instead seems to me to demand, in a certain way, to be read: each track an ideogram with its own peculiar character.  | Federico Madeddu Giuntoli 


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"The text and the form" is my debut solo album, featuring legendary german e-poetess Antye Greie aka AGF and sophisticated japanese artist Moskitoo (from 12K). 

The album is OUT NOW on prestigious japanese label FLAU.



Eleven lo-fi shining diamonds (82/100) | Rumore (ITA)


Melancholic suavety (7.6)  | Blow Up (ITA)


A completely non-aggressive, quiet and delicate sound study with countless subtleties to be discovered | Groove Magazin (GER)










Federico Madeddu Giuntoli Nuova Gestalt
Federico Madeddu Giuntoli oggetti sensibili sensitive objects

National and international press has welcomed my debut album "The text and the form" with warm and nice reviews, that very much capture the essence of the album.

Prestigious magazines as japanese Ele-King, german Groove Magazin and italian Rumore and Blow Up, and refined blogs as Gezeitenstrom MusikmagazinMusic Won't Save You, Triste Sunset and The New Noise all spent kind words about the work.


"You don't want to pick out individual pieces, each one has much expressionism and fragile beauty | Gezeitenstrom Musikmagazin (GER)


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"Nuova gestalt" is my first photobook pubblished by blisterzine and Vuoto Bamboo.


​The book is a collection of 24 photos and 16 concise texts that interwines each others, creating a deep, dense visual and intellectual journey through the intensity of human feelings and universal spiritual aspirations.


Nuova gestalt means new way of perception, new vision. The work represents a sort of documentation of a first and decisive impulse towards self-realization. | Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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My production of artworks is pretty abundant, multiform and varied in dimension, representing an ongoing process of expression through matter, by means of selecting and assembling rough and dismissed materials. 


I refer to these works as oggetti sensibili (sensitive objects), for I perceive in them that kind of vibration peculiar to a sensitive being. I can be sure a new sensitive object is arisen as it starts emanating that specific and intrisic sense of presence, vulnerability, dynamism, meaningfulness.​ | Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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