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Artist's statement


"I refer to these works as oggetti sensibili (sensitive objects), for I perceive in them that kind of vibration peculiar to a sensitive being. I can be sure a new sensitive object is arisen as it starts emanating that specific and intrisic sense of presence, vulnerability, dynamism, meaningfulness.


Materials are found unintentionally in my day-to-day life. I never plan to search for them, as if my action was in response to their accidental call. I never take them out of a function that they may still have, especially if for others. I also never clean them. 


I funcion as an assembler, a catalytic agent, accompaning them to their new combination, form, status. It may take no time, or they may lay quiescent for a long period. In this process, any kind of overdoing, decoration or improvement upon them or upon the whole object is carefully excluded.


I do not consider my works as Arte Povera. All materials I collect and use actract my attention precisely for their aura, glow, dignity. There is a grandeur both in them and in the final object's presence, not in the sense of an arrogant quality, but rather in the sense of a palpable participation in the intrinsic magnificence of matter.


My work does not deal either with a recycled art approach, since I don't enforce on my action any allusion, revendication or direct activism. Dismissed and often deterioreted materials allure me with their specific qualities. Any link with their previous function is broken, and will be of no relevance in whole work.


Ultimately, these oggetti sensibili are neither abstract nor figurative. They simply are, and have no other function then their own presence. When a human presence is authentically available, there may be a communication, a tuning, a common felt experience. An encounter that, again, is no more than sensitive presence".


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