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I've been featured and interviewed in various Italian and foreign medias, such as legendary Italian Rockerilla magazine and refined Ecléctica show on Oaxaca-based Mexican public CORTV Radio. I've been also interviewed by Impatto Sonoro, Loudd, Radio città Aperta, Radio StART, Fango Radio, Nikilzine, Radio Onda Rossa, Silent Radio, CollettivoInconscio, Off Mental.  

Rockerilla (ITA), Feb 2023 issue


“An album one would listen to for hours, beign the content so dense and delicate at the same time”

Mirco Salvadorini


“The album does not offer elements of vagueness or escapism, it instead seems to me to demand, in a certain way, to be read: each track an ideogram with its own peculiar character.”

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli

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Ecléctica show on CORTV Radio (MEX), 16 Mar 2023 


"I was interested in an investingation around the quality of complexity inside romanticism, with its light and obscurities, with its intensity and silencies" 

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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Puzzle show on Radio Città Aperta (ITA), 13 Feb 2023 


“A work of great intensity, yet subtle, extremely poetic.”

Gianluca Polverari


The path of discovering my own voice and being able to make it reality, particularly in terms of music production, required time." 

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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CollettivoIncoscio (ITA), 16 Feb 2023 


"I think one can perceive, in the album, my search for the ultimate sign inside every sound and textual form. As I was sculpting the tracks and their elements, as I was waiting for the essential to emerge, I was driven by the feeling that a narration made of signs was reachable." 

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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Musica Machina show on Radio Onda Rossa (ITA), 4 Mar 2023 


“Silences are enhanced, in some ways evoking in me certain primordial intentions of Brian Eno himself."

Alex Marenga aka Amptek


“Can silence be as magnetic as the occupation, sometimes a bit excessive, of attention and sonic space? That was the kind of investigation I was driven by.

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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Silent Radio (ITA), 23 Mar 2023 


“In The Text And The Form I really find an incredible, touching balance.”

 Tiberio Faedi


“I’m not attracted by that kind of music in which essence is obstruced by musician's or producer’s eccesive construction.”

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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RadiostART (ITA), 15 Apr 2023 


“The Text And The Form granted me the luxury of enjoying a mood of irresolution: it did not ask me for a resolution, rather it granted me contemplation."

Paolo Tocco for RadiostART


“The album acknowledges the mystery and the complexity of romanticism in us.”

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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Nikilzine (ITA), 17 Apr 2023 


"It seems like massive obscurity oscillates under summerish dilatations generated by glimmering and intense lights, as a subconscious emotivity seems to emerge".

Giovanni Panetta for Nikilzine


"While I was allowing myself to be totally open during the acoustic recordings, not caring about any perfectionism and letting subconscious vibrations emerge, on the other hand I always had a sort of scientific approach to the whole work, with the explicit aim to subtly control that intensity and to subordinate it to an impartial sense of balance".

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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Off Mental (SPA), 20 Apr 2023 


“The Text And The Form, a tiny great album, a fabulous miniature"

André C. Pastor


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Bootleg show on Fango Radio (ITA), 17 Apr 2023 


“Live, the songs have the same energy as in the album, but with a further development, with an expansion of the sound range, and perhaps therefore also in the ability to transmit. It is an adventure that I want to live, this one of bringing on stage something intimate and almost introverted without betraying it.”

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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Impatto Sonoro (ITA), 23 May 2023 


"It is a work that sometimes transports me to a white empty room for contemplating, some other times to a lonely beach, and finally under a willow awakened by the dew"

Sara Fontana 


“The Text And The Form in some ways is really a tribute to Mokira's Plee, Vincent Gallo's When, Luomo's Vocalcity, Rachel's Music For Egon Schiele, Mañana by Savath And Savalas, Casa by Morellembaum2 / Sakamoto".

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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Loudd (ITA), 17 Apr 2023 


“An album that I mark among the fundamental ones in my research path. [...] It should be listened to over and over again without looking for rules and references; it is a violent way in which to relive a primal state of freedom.”

Paolo Tocco


"I think perfection is a very overrated and, ultimately, toxic ideal. Each sound is fully valid in itself."

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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