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about The Text And The Form album:


This is the microscopic sound of a new era. It is a gem that can be recommended without hesitation to those who want to listen to new electronica now. 

Ele-King (JAP)

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In this eleven lo-fi shining diamonds, that the artist seems to have kept in a casket, there is the intimacy of suffered souls. To protect them. (82/100)

Rumore (ITA) 


A completely non-aggressive, quiet and delicate sound study with countless subtleties to be discovered.

Groove Magazin (GER)

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Melancholic suavety (7.6)

Blow Up (ITA)


It all disappears back into the ether before we can exhale, leaving us desperately wanting more.

Foxy Digitalis (USA)

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A sound only partially abstract, actually emotional and enveloping, fragile but moving, like memories that have been left floating in the air.

Buscadero (ITA)

You don't want to pick out individual pieces, each individual has so much expressionism and fragile beauty, as if a thousand butterflies were dancing around you or you feel like a lonely leaf that is carried by the wind to undiscovered places. 

Gezeitenstrom - Musikmagazin (GER)

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A nourishing sap, distilled with unusual grace and able to strike right at the heart. That is exactly the essence of Federico Madeddu Giuntoli’s debut.

Triste Sunset (ITA)

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An intimism not at all self-referential, that instead communicates - even with a use of words that is definitely marginal - precious feelings of individual and universal peace (ALBUM OF THE WEEK)

Music Won’t Save You (ITA)

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The Text And The Form seems to me like one of those rice paper small sacks, containing various kinds of seeds. Tiny elegant microcosmos, full of unripe vitality ready to sprout and expand itself.

The New Noise (ITA)

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Everything invites to extract the fullest from the slightest. And to wonder what is hiding behind each note of piano, touch of guitar, digital beat and whispered word.

Musica Difficile Italiana (ITA)

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Warm and enveloping avant minimalism, remodelled with luminous pop grace. [...] Silence, inside, outside, everywhere, revered and skilfully scattered (8/10)

Kathodik (ITA)

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Sound and silence, two elements that Federico Madeddu Giuntoli blends with skill and balance.

Artists And Bands (ITA)

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"A fascinating, enigmatic drifting that combines brilliant composure with the aleatory sense of improvisation" (8/10)

Fardrock (ITA)

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